The best teachers are those that show you where to look but don't tell you what to see.

- Alexandra K. Trenfor


Education is a life long and continuous process. It demands constant changes and researches in providing new teaching techniques, teaching material to make it alluring to its receivers. For this, modern tools and laboratories related to various subjects are required. To provide this, the college has established various modern, up-dated and high-tech laboratories:


The age old norms of providing education with thrust on outcomes only has given rise to many problems like burnout syndrome, stress, guilty-feeling and loss of love for knowledge. Psychology helps us to peep and delve deeper into tender hearts of learners and gain insight into their interests, aptitudes, abilities and moulding the teaching practices so as to reinforce good habits and learning. It is incumbent on a teacher to know about various tests, tools, psychological researches to enable him/her to provide sound, healthy and progressive atmosphere to learners. In view of this fulfillment, the college has established a psychology laboratory. The laboratory is used by both teachers and learners to gain information and depth in overcoming their psychological barriers and increase effective learning and teaching.


With the advent of new technologies like Photostat, Projectors, Computers and Television the limits of disseminating information have stretched itself. At present printed material needs effective aids to multiply its productivity. Projectors, slides, compact discs, EDUSAT etc. are gaining acceptance as medium of advancement of knowledge to vast population. For a teacher-educator, it is necessary to gain technical expertise in handling various instruments.Educational Technology laboratory has been provided with this purpose in mind. This lab contains an Overhead Projector, Epidiascope, DVD Player and Television.


The Social Science Laboratory is aptly known as Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar Laboratory as it opens the door to knowledge, self activities, active involvement in projects/practicum and academic orientation through assignment work. The laboratory serves as a method lab and puts at display whatever the learner creates in his or her own individual capacity. The lab. shares the philosophy of I.C. Vidyasagar with its thrust on gaining knowledge through active involvement and on the spot feedback.


The College offers a well maintained furnished computer lab and its name is Charles Babbage’s Computer Lab. Our computer lab. has a computers with the facility of Networking, Internet and all supporting accessories. Internet facility is available for teachers and students for their project and research work. computer enables teachers to use I.C.T. for better teaching-learning environment


If science is necessary to make a person rational, art is equally desirable to make a person imaginative, creative and sensitive to aesthetic side of life. Mere rationality stunts the growth of human mind. The softer hues of color, the tender touch of nature, its benevolent gifts and the very basis of civilization i.e. Farming / Agriculture can be best understood by having knowledge of Interior Decoration, Gardening and Painting. In addition to this, creative energy can be utilized to earn as well as learn. Craft (Whether candle-making or chalk making) makes a person self-reliant as well as sensitive to finer sentiments. The Art and Craft Laboratory of the college is such a place where students channelize their internal energy to provide a productive outlet.


English language is one of the most spoken languages over the globe. It is also the official language of U.N.O. In India also, English is spoken by a large number of people with love and gusto. Good pronunciation in English language is quite important and this can be possible only by acquiring the art of communication through speech. Yet the hard fact remains that much attention has not been paid to this aspect of language learning and teaching in our educational institutions. Especially in the context where English is learnt as a second language, the problem becomes all the more alarming. The linguistic habits already acquired in learning the mother tongue stand in the way of learning the language and thus hamper the proficiency in speaking the language. It is also important to mention here that in English, there is very less correspondence between the orthography (spelling) and the spoken form (phonetics). The 26 letters of English alphabet are represented by 44 sounds. It is therefore, essential that the learners of English make a systematic study of sound system of the language. Keeping all these things in mind and to cater the needs of the pupil teachers regarding their mastery of Communication skills in English, the college has established Language Laboratory which provides pupil teachers an opportunity to get proficiency in all the four language skills i.e. Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking.


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